The documentary deals with a phenomenon, which is present within Albanian families, more specifically in Kosovo. Ordinary families, joint households, perhaps express their views of life through their control and patterning the space and the objects within it. These households are solely dedicated for Brothers, who inherit land and houses by their parents.
“Në Mes”/“In Between” is a project focused on the phenomenon of identical (similar) houses built by the brothers living in Kosovo. The stories of these Brothers behind this visual artistic expression aim to bring to light issues associated to traditions in Kosovo, such as joint households, migration and reflection of traditional attitudes.

“Në Mes”/ “In Between” signifies the relationship and solidarity between brothers; the sacrifice and determination of the parents to maintain harmony within the family; and, the meaning and significance of home. The film brings a story of families who invest in building the identical houses. What specifies the film is the solitude. It is usually only a single house that is occupied, commonly by fathers or the eldest brothers. The rest of the family, in every case rest of the brothers, were living and working abroad, but their property in Kosovo is divided equally over a strong paternal supervision. So film also touches on the aspect of migration and longing.

The film incorporates landscape shots of the properties where houses are build including outdoor portraits of the brothers, while their story is narrated in the background. Film is strongly concentrated on the visual image, mainly through static images of the houses, details of construction, portraits of brothers and the geographical position of the whereabouts of houses.

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